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Consider the ways in which COMPRO/ENCORE can support your logistics organization:


It's Simple


COMPRO/ENCORE designed the products. It manufactured the products. It knows the products. The COMPRO/ENCORE Repair Facility is simply better positioned to provide the professional responsive service and support you need to ensure success.


History of Success


COMPRO/ENCORE is the only qualified repair source for Encore, Gould and S.E.L. computer products. Our repair depots are equipped and staffed with highly qualified technicians to effectively repair your most complex assemblies.


Leading Edge


All repaired or exchanged boards are updated with the latest engineering changes and brought up to the latest revision level. If the board is processed and a problem is not found, COMPRO/ENCORE will provide technical support. All repairs and exchanges are under warranty for 90 days. Source inspection and military packaging is available.


Peripheral Repair


COMPRO/ENCORE understands the often difficult channels customers are faced with when needing to repair peripherals from different vendors. COMPRO/ENCORE can assist you with the repair of your peripheral products.


Logistics Support


COMPRO/ENCORE offers logistics programs to support any level of customer needs for equipment spare parts and repair services. Logistic programs include:

Assembly/Repair Update

Repair Exchange Support Program

Assembly Exchange

Advanced Assembly Exchange

Centralized Logistics and Diagnostic Service


Assembly/Repair Update


Because COMPRO/ENCORE is the only qualified repair source for Encore, Gould and S.E.L. computer parts, COMPRO/ENCORE's repair facility is equipped to accomplish fault isolation and repair to the component level.


All repaired or exchanged boards are updated with the latest engineering changes and brought up to the latest revision level. (Assemblies which have been modified or damaged are not eligible for repair.) Repair turnaround times are 30 days for COMPRO/ENCORE manufactured assemblies and six weeks for third party manufactured assemblies.


Customers must obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number by calling +1 321 727 2211 or + 44 (0) 1252 852228 prior to returning any material for repair or update.


Repair Exchange Support Program (RESP)


A repair and exchange program is offered for customers who are self maintainers of COMPRO/ENCORE equipment with significant repair volume. The repair and exchange program incorporates all the features of assembly repair and assembly exchange. The repair and exchange program is administered as a special program under a basic ordering agreement which entitles the customer to special discount rates and priority handling of repair and exchange transactions. Repair turn around time is 30 days for COMPRO/ENCORE manufactured assemblies, 45 days for third party assemblies, and best effort on assemblies associated with a cache disc accelerator.


RESP combines assembly repair and assembly exchange with a volume discount under a basic ordering agreement. The volume discount is computed based on the aggregate invoiced dollar volume from the previous year per the following table:


Assembly Exchange


Those customers without adequate spares may require expedited exchanges and may elect to take advantage of the assembly exchange service. Certain assemblies may be exchanged for new or repaired assemblies at COMPRO/ENCORE's option, at the latest revision level. Assemblies which have been modified or damaged are not eligible for exchange. Replacement assemblies will be shipped within 5 working days after receipt and acceptance of returned assemblies. Customers must obtain a RETURN MATERIAL AUTHORIZATION (RMA) number by calling +1 321 727 2211 or + 44 (0) 1252 852228 prior to returning any material for exchange.


Advanced Assembly Exchange


In emergency down situations, an assembly will be shipped to the customer within 24 hours of an accepted customer request including valid purchase order number under RMA control. This expedite service will be provided at a fee of 5% of the "exchange" price of the assembly, subject to a $500 minimum fee per assembly. Exchanged assemblies not received within 20 days of advance shipment, or that have been modified or damaged will be invoiced at full list price plus the expedite fee.


Return Material Authorization


Parts and materials being shipped to COMPRO/ENCORE for any reason must be accompanied by a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. To obtain a RMA number, contact the repair administrator at +1 321 727 2211 or + 44 (0) 1252 852228.


All material shipped to COMPRO for repair or exchange work must be clearly labeled with the RMA number. Any material shipped to COMPRO without a RMA number will be returned to the customer at the customer's expense.


Any preparation of material for shipping should be in accordance with standard commercial practice. Before shipping any materials for repair or exchange, all assemblies containing integrated circuits must be fully enclosed in an anti-static material with sufficient permanent conductivity on all surfaces to permit controlled bleed-off of static charges and of sufficient resistivity to prevent the introduction of electronic charges from the external environment. Additionally, no packing material should be used that will crumble, flake, powder or shed. The cushioning material near or in contact with any integrated circuits must not be fibrous in form which might cause integrated circuit leads to be caught and damaged upon removal. Individual integrated circuits must be physically restrained to prevent damage or degradation caused by vibration and mechanical shock.


Centralized Logistics And Diagnostic Service (CLDS)



    • Call Management Center (CMC)
    • Priority Response to all Trouble Calls
    • Remote Diagnosis/Telephone Consultations
    • Single Point-of Contact @ +1 321 727 2211 or + 44 (0) 1252 852228
    • Remote Exchange
    • Optional Advance Exchange
    • Field Change Notices
    • Peripheral Change Notices
    • Technical Support Bulletins




Centralized Logistics and Diagnostic Service (CLDS) is a remote hardware support program designed to provide self-maintenance hardware customers with all the elements necessary to secure maximum utilization of their COMPRO/ENCORE equipment.


CLDS addresses the long term needs of these Customers by providing remote technical expertise, material support, and all update information required to keep the systems at the current revision level.


CLDS provides priority access to COMPRO/ENCORE's Call Management Center (CMC), remote hardware maintenance support, a Remote Exchange logistics program and a subscription to the Hardware Update Service.


On-site assistance is available for CLDS customers at the current published Time and Material labor rates.


The on-site spares plan maximizes system availability, operationally verifies spare parts, and provides a training mechanism for on-site technical personnel.


The Remote Exchange Program ensures a replacement part will be shipped to the customer site within 5 business days after receipt of the customer's field replaceable unit.


CMC is the single point-of-contact for COMPRO/ENCORE customers requiring technical support. CMC is easily accessed domestically via our toll-free number (+1 321 727 2211 or + 44 (0) 1252 852228).


The CMC provides the following services for hardware customers:


  • Hardware support
  • Problem determination and verification
  • Participation in remote troubleshooting and telephone support
  • Dispatch of on-site assistance as required
  • Scheduling of installations, upgrades, preventive maintenance and Quality Hot Line problems with system shipments.


COMPRO/ENCORE will provide remote diagnostic tools for all products either through built-in architecture or on Series and/or Concept systems through the external Telediagnosis Module (TDM).


COMPRO/ENCORE will provide remote support during the Principal Period of Maintenance (PPM), 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM local time, Monday through Friday.




  • System audit & certification
  • System in good state of repair
  • Hot spares system and appropriate shelf spares
  • COMPRO/ENCORE's system diagnostic, maintenance and TDM training
  • Designated Point Of Contact
  • Dedicated diagnostic communications line
  • Any system which is not at the current hardware revision levels must be re-certified at the customers expense

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