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LCRS Development Solutions

To better serve our customers, COMPRO offers two software development solutions based upon the successful Legacy Computer Replacement System (LCRS).  We recognize that some development efforts demand precise real time and I/O characteristics, while others need only simple code validation without regard to performance.  COMPRO’s development solutions give programmers exactly the tools they need, sized for any given task.


LCRS Development Environment


The LCRS Development Environment (LCRS-DEV-E) is a full-featured application development and support configuration that provides full real time fidelity and deterministic I/O support for complex and mission-critical programs.


LCRS Development Structure


The LCRS Development Structure (LCRS-DEV-S) is a reduced scale application development and support configuration, perfect when real time performance is not required.

The following capabilities chart itemizes the configuration differences

For additional information, please contact your COMPRO sales representative.

Deterministic/Low Latency Application Performance Yes  
Real Time Environment & RTOM Included Yes  
Separate Linux DRTX Node (via Reflective Memory)
Embedded DRTX Node (c/o Multi-Core CPU)  
Deterministic I/O Performance
Source Code Management Software (Linux)

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